Friday, January 9, 2009


One of the inevitabilities of having such a common name in the information age is that you will invariably encounter Doppelgängers.

I am endlessly fascinated by this.
I enjoy periodically googling my name to see what other Paul Collins' are doing in the arts.

Today I came across two other Paul Collins' who are also photographers, and quite extraordinary ones at that.

Paul Nemirah Collins is a fabulous portrait photographer who is also based in New York.
This Paul Collins does wonderful urban landscape work that reminds me a bit of my friend Llorenç Rosanes.

I highly recommend checking out both.


  1. Very generous of you to link and recommend your namesakes, Paul! I very much like the first photographer (Nemirah). His portraits of New Yorkers are very good and his Day of the Dead stuff is fascinating. Hey, I'm just figuring out this blogroll and I'm digging it (drumroll please...) I really appreciate how much you say with so few words - and, in the case of your shots, with NO words! So now I'm off to check your photos - the REAL Paul Collins, the one and only Paul Collins (even if there are dopplegangers out there).

  2. *smiles*

    Thanks Marie.
    I loved both sites so much I had to post them.
    I think artists should stick together more and help each other out.